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What happened to Colonel Klink after the war?

Did he survive? What about Seargent Schultz, and General Burkhalter.



  1. ALAN W
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    The Sicilian Sage gave much of the answer. After Hogan's disappearance, he was reported to have spent a number of years on various Caribbean islands where he was always surrounded by women. Eventually, however, he developed cirrhosis of the liver. He had a liver transplant (depleting the remaining money he stole) and spent his later years happily working as a bartender in Baja. Klink, himself, we released from prison early (being a model prisoner). He returned to his wife and family and, even though a convicted felon, was able to get a job as a Wal*Mart greeter. He died as a result of a "slip and fall" that happened when the store floor got wet from people tracking in water during a severe thundershower. Schultzie and "Louie" LeBeau formed a "special friendship" They were together until Schultzie died from a massive coronary. Due to the laws, LeBeau was not able to receive any of Schultz's pension. He lived out his days in abject poverty, delighting little children in the park with wonderful pantomime. Kinchloe returned to the states where he began "running girls". He was fortunate enough to spend time in the jail in Birmingham in a cell next to the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King. After hearing King speak in DC (where he was AGAIN running girls) he finally renounced his ways, entered a seminary and ended up ordained as a Methodist pastor, eventually becoming the first African American Bishop in the Tri-State area. When he passed, the turnout was overwhelming. "Sergeant" Carter had a tragic life. The Post Traumatic Stress plagued him his remaining days. He drifted from job to job. Finally, one day, he could take no more. He grabbed a weapon and stormed into a nunnery screaming about Nazi's. He shot 7 nuns (two fatally) before he was himself gunned down. Cpl. Newkirk left his home in England, and moved to the US. Eventually, under the stage name "Richard Dawson" he achieved limited success hosting a game show. Klink's secretary, Fraulein Helga, became a teacher where she met another young woman. They eventually both bore three children (due to the presence of so many US GI's) and they raised all children together. "Fraulein" Helga and Gerta, both now elderly grandmothers, share a modest home in a quiet suburb of Frankfurt. She is in the process of writing her memoirs. Gerta until very recently was very active in the LGBT movement.
  2. TheSicilianSage
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    Klink went to work in an investment bank for Hogan who embezzled 2 billion dollars and left Klink holding the bag. … At his trial, he was found guilt and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment … His last words at the trial were: “Hogan !, Hogan !”

    Schultz applied for a position in the U.S. bureaucracy, and when he answered the first question with the statement: “I know nothingk, nothingk !” he was immediately offered a position as adviser to the President.

    Burkhalter married a rich widow and went into obscurity.

  3. Gary C
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    They are all fictional characters, so you can imagine any life you want for them.

    But I think it’s interesting that the actor who played Colonel Klink, Werner Klemperer, was himself a refugee from Nazi Germany. His family fled Germany in the 1930s, and Klemperer served in the U.S. army during World War II.

    So we know what became of Werner Klemperer after the war: He became a distinguished American actor.

    Bob Crane, who played Colonel Hogan in the TV series, did not have as happy an outcome. In 1978, seven years after the last “Hogan’s Heroes” episode was produced, Crane was budgeoned to death in a hotel room. The crime is still considered unsolved.

  4. knight1192a
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    Try ask in the TV section. None of the characters on “Hogan’ Heroes” were historically real people and I’m not sure any of them were based on historically real people.

  5. TB12
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    You know, I always wondered why there wasn’t a final episode or movie to wrap things up and explain all that.

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